Source: Queensland pilot brings artificial intelligence to people in assisted living

Can AI help people living with chronic illness?

Ariel Care, a Brisbane-based start-up has teamed up with UQ and QUT to develop AI-powered technology to support people in “assisted living” scenarios. The tech aims to make lives “easier and safer” by using “care bots” to provide high-level care.

The technology responds to sounds, eye movements and gestures, and can flag seizures, fevers and falls. The current trial focuses on people with acquired brain injuries and disabilities that require assisted living. The technology is on a journey that brings cutting edge healthcare technology from hospital intensive care units into the home.

What’s most promising is eye sensor technology, with which Ariel Care is creating a “new language” via algorithms that let people use an eye movement or gesture to send a message to their carer’s mobile phone or computer. This allows patients to request assistance using eye movements.

The developers at QUT on the project are creating bespoke “care bot” programs for everyone in the trial as this caters for different cognitive levels across patients. Alongside this, there is a keen focus on ensuring the AI tech fits in with current technologies in each patient’s home, so as to minimise any obtrusive hardware. The project is seeking more people living with chronic health conditions, families and high-care NDIS providers to join the trial

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