Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is usually promoted as one of Australia’s premier tourist destinations. aims to change that by promoting its position as a hub for startups and innovative business. If this article is anything to go by, the Gold Coast is already becoming globally recognised as such.

Cohort Innovation Space

Cohort Innovation Space is a vibrant business community and shared workspace coworking facility on the Gold Coast. We’re dedicated to contributing to Australia’s startup growth by helping existing and aspiring founders. Through our programs and network of mentors, experts and partners, we provide support for founders to launch new products and grow globally.

Gold Coast Innovation Hub (GC Hub)

The GC Hub is a non-profit founded in 2017 by industry groups and key Gold Coast innovators with the aim to drive commercial success and to foster innovation and digital business creation within the Gold Coast and broader Australian community.

Gold Coast Startups

A snapshot of startups based on the Gold Coast:

  • Gilmour Space Technologies: developing hybrid engine rockets for low-cost space launch vehicles
  • iVvy: venue management software
  • Klackit: outdoor digital media billboards that offers increase customer interaction