Source: Health tech VALD raises $37.5m as Canada’s Vistara Growth backs push into North America

VALD, a Brisbane-based health tech company known for its human measurements software has secured a whopping $37.5 million to support its growth in North America.

The company has an increasing presence in the allied health sector with its software-as-a-service (SaaS) model sees this latest round of investment as critical to its North American strategy as they venture into the professional sports sector.

The investment was made by Vistara in Canada and the QIC. QIC’s participation has been sourced from the Queensland Government’s $100 million Business Investment Fund, which is managed by QIC.

VALD is used by many sports teams and athletes globally including the English Premier League, NBA and NFL, to better monitor athlete performance, injury and recovery.

In-house product development and recent acquisitions have enabled VALD to expand its platform to service a range of healthcare practitioners, including physiotherapists.

Data captured by VALD helps to remove subjectivity and determine the best treatment plan for patients. This data allows the creation of tailored recovery plans based on geography and other factors.

This type of health tech comes at a time of a looming realisation that musculoskeletal conditions are a major burden on health systems globally, costing the US alone $256 billion a year. This is a key driver in VALD’s strategy to grow in the region.

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