Source: New weather-sensing technology created to stop ‘preventable’ heat-related fatalities in Queensland’s elderly

  • Queensland researchers have launched a project to develop an in-home early warning system for elderly residents during extreme heat
  • The project, called Ethos, will use small sensors in participants’ homes to monitor the temperature and humidity and alert them when it becomes dangerous
  • The system will also provide personalised cooling advice via a tablet-like device, such as opening windows, using water or moving to a different room
  • The researchers say extreme heat kills more people in Australia than any other natural disaster and affects the elderly more severely
  • The project is funded by global charity Wellcome and will involve 100 participants in Brisbane and the Gold Coast
  • The trial will run for two years and aims to protect older people from heat-related illness and the impact of heat on their existing health conditions
  • The researchers hope the project will help reduce ambulance call-outs, hospital admissions and deaths due to heat exposure among the elderly

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