Source: Big Build unveils $40M Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Centre at Eagle Farm TAFE

  1. Queensland Government has initiated a $40 million Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Centre at Eagle Farm TAFE for Fourth Industrial Revolution workforce training.
  2. Targeted completion in late 2024, emphasizing automation and Industry 4.0 readiness for Queensland’s manufacturing workforce.
  3. The center will offer specialized training in robotics, advanced manufacturing, process instrumentation, renewables (e.g., hydrogen, solar), and telecommunications.
  4. It comes at a critical time when Qld considers bolstering its manufacturing sector which is currently worth $20 billion annually to the economy and employing a substantial workforce, with growth expected in the coming years.
  5. Demonstrates government commitment to sustainable, future-proof training facilities, prioritizing environmental sustainability. 93 jobs will be created in the construction process.
  6. Aims for a five-star Green Buildings rating, showcasing excellence in design and construction.
  7. Addresses surging demand for advanced manufacturing skills and training.
  8. Highlights remarkable growth of the Advanced Manufacturing Gateway to Industry Schools (GISP) program and its importance in education.
  9. Minister Di Farmer outlines specialized programs at Eagle Farm TAFE, promoting a high-tech, supportive environment for future advanced manufacturing workforce.
  10. Focuses on encouraging women to pursue careers in advanced manufacturing through the Women in Manufacturing Strategy.
  11. Rebecca Andrews, CEO of Manufacturing Skills Queensland (MSQ), applauds the initiative’s foresight and investment, aiming to future-proof Queensland’s manufacturing sector through collaboration and best-practice programs.

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