Source: Queensland putting $250 million in fibre backhaul from Townsville to Mount Isa

The Queensland government has committed $250 million to enhance the Queensland Capacity Network (QCN), a vital carrier backhaul infrastructure supporting electricity distribution networks. The existing QCN boasts an extensive 13,000 km fiber network, including access to Queensland Rail’s fiber network over a span of 2000 km. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk revealed this investment during her State of the State 2023 address, emphasizing the strategic importance of bolstering the QCN.

In tandem with this investment, the government is also advancing the SuperGrid CopperString 2023 project, an initiative to amplify electricity transmission across strategic regions like Townsville, Hughenden, and Mount Isa. The envisaged electrical distribution network will entail 500kV from Townsville to Hughenden, 330kV from Hughenden to Cloncurry, and 220kV from Cloncurry to Mount Isa. The Premier highlighted that this infusion of capital will establish the largest publicly owned regional fiber network in Australia, intended to bolster data centers around renewable energy hubs and facilitate advanced manufacturing jobs in regional centers. Additionally, the early stages of CopperString 2032 section will commence promptly to set the groundwork for subsequent construction rollout, providing high-speed backhaul to communities along the Flinders Highway.

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