Source: Kilcoy breaks ground with AI-driven robotic beef carcase scribing technology

  1. Revolutionary Robotic Scribe Technology: Developed by Kilcoy Global Foods, the new AI-driven technology aims to enhance accuracy, yield, labor efficiency, and safety in meat processing.
  2. Trialing and Performance Evaluation: The technology will undergo a 12-month trial at the KGF plant to assess its capability to meet operational benchmarks.
  3. Collaboration and Development: Kilcoy Global Foods, Australian Meat Processor Corporation, and Intelligent Robotics jointly created the IR-SCRIBE, the first automated beef scribing system in Australia.
  4. Innovation in Beef Processing: Unlike existing systems for lamb, this marks the first automated scribing method tailored specifically for beef.
  5. Robotic Scribing Process: The system uses AI, 3D cameras, and imaging to identify precise cutting points on beef carcasses, optimizing key cuts for boning, enhancing yield, and accuracy.
  6. Enhanced Efficiency and Safety: The innovation aims to reduce fatigue among workers and improve operational efficiency, while ensuring consistent, high-quality meat production.
  7. Anticipated Industry Impact: The implementation of this technology is expected to improve yields, consistency in operations, and worker safety within the meat processing industry.

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