Source: Queensland claims ‘world first’ in medical artificial intelligence with new tech detecting diseases in blood

  • A microscope driven by artificial intelligence (AI) scans and photographs blood tests in high resolution, marking a “world first.”
  • The University of Queensland’s Professor Brian Lovell explains that the AI system images pathology slides and applies AI for diagnosis.
  • Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology (SNP) in Brisbane processes 35,000 blood samples daily using AI to speed up scanning and disease identification.
  • CEO Dr Michael Harrison notes AI’s capability to classify 1,000 cells compared to the previous 100, leading to improved outcomes.
  • AI identifies microscopic diseases, emailing results to a pathologist for confirmation.
  • The AI learns patterns and remembers them, classifying future digital images, allowing pathologists to read and confirm diagnoses on screens.
  • The AI ensures perfectly captured images during scanning, modernizing microscopy from the 19th to the 21st century.
  • Dr Harrison emphasizes AI’s support for human experts, as the program is trained and reviewed by experts, and human oversight is maintained.
  • The innovation is recognized as a world first, making diagnosis more efficient without replacing human involvement.
  • The advancement doesn’t eliminate jobs but streamlines diagnostics, giving experts the necessary information for quicker decision-making.

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