• LuminaX, located in the Gold Coast Health & Knowledge Precinct at Southport, is a two-year-old incubator that has accelerated 21 Australian startups.
  • The program focuses on healthtech and offers intensive workshops on commercialization, as well as access to venture capital partners and mentors.
  • Each intake, three startups may receive an offer of equity investment after completing the program.
  • LuminaX operates within the Cohort Innovation Space and is supported by the Queensland Government, Advance Queensland, City of Gold Coast, and industry partners.
  • Program director Dren Xërxa previously worked at the Center for Entrepreneurship & Executive Development (CEED) in Washington, DC, where he managed innovation activities and programs across 15 countries.
  • LuminaX concentrates on the healthtech sector to create a niche ecosystem that encourages collaboration and innovation among startups, industry experts, and mentors.
  • The program provides mentorship and guidance to address founders’ lack of experience or expertise in certain areas of business development.
  • Wellifiy founder and CEO Noam Dishon commutes from Melbourne to participate in the workshops and benefit from networking opportunities.
  • Flintworks, led by creative technologist Pete Martin and clinical neuroscientist Dr. Tia Cummins, focuses on virtual reality therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • LuminaX participants have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to potential customers, such as Ramsay Healthcare.
  • Templa, an app developed by Lucie Dawson, combines motivational psychology and personal accountability to assist individuals in transitional periods.
  • The program offers access to over 40 mentors and coaches who support the next generation of innovators.
  • LuminaX helps founders build strong networks, access capital opportunities, and overcome the initial challenges of starting a business.
  • The healthcare focus of LuminaX distinguishes it from other accelerators and provides tailored support for health startups.
  • Participants in LuminaX find the program to be an eye-opening experience and feel privileged to be part of a supportive and inspiring community.

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