• Brisbane-based company Vaulta aims to revolutionize the battery enclosure market.
  • Vaulta offers a unique battery enclosure that can be easily disassembled without special tools or expertise.
  • This feature enables repairability and improved recyclability of batteries, such as lithium batteries.
  • The ability to access individual battery cells allows for targeted repairs, reducing the need to replace the entire battery unit.
  • Traditional battery packs are not designed for disassembly, resulting in higher costs for handling and disposal of failed batteries.
  • By facilitating easy disassembly, Vaulta’s battery enclosure promotes a more circular economy.
  • Battery vendors have shown interest in Vaulta’s approach, although negotiations are confidential.
  • Vaulta also manufactures complete batteries, including a 48V, 14.36kWh unit with a warranty of 3000 cycles (equivalent to 43MWh delivered).
  • Making batteries repairable contributes to the warranty considerations and pricing model of Vaulta’s products.
  • Vaulta aims to enable local licensed electricians to repair their batteries, making it particularly beneficial for remote locations and regions transitioning to renewables.

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