Source: Meet the 40 Under 40 alumni forging innovative paths in the world of technology

Ryan Norris – Vayeron

  • Successful business relies on identifying a need and addressing it; Ryan Norris did this by solving critical issues in mining belt conveyors.
  • Ryan founded Vayeron using an innovative autonomous monitoring solution to track roller component conditions, reducing downtime and costs.
  • Vayeron’s complex yet impactful idea is now a global best practice in mining tech, exporting to numerous countries and improving conveyor systems.

Sarah Moran – Girl Geek Academy

  • Sarah Moran co-founded Girl Geek Academy in 2014 to promote gender equality in the tech industry.
  • The social enterprise offers programs in various sectors to make tech welcoming for women, including hackathons and educational initiatives.
  • Girl Geek Academy aims to involve one million women and girls in tech careers by 2030, while also releasing fiction books about STEM exploration.

Nathan Shockker – SafeCo

  • SafeCo was founded to tackle COVID-19 issues, led by Nathan Shockker, 36, who introduced Australia’s first community-based contact tracing solution, SafeVisit.
  • SafeVisit quickly gained traction, being adopted nationwide within 60 days of launch, prompting SafeCo to expand its offerings.
  • SafeCo now provides diverse services, including digital ticketing with contact-tracing features and innovative business cards using NFC chips and QR codes to reduce waste.

Tim Hall – GreaseBoss

  • Tim Hall, 36, co-founded GreaseBoss to address industrial equipment failures caused by incorrect lubrication, which contributes to significant downtime costs.
  • GreaseBoss offers a digital lubrication management service using innovative solutions to ensure precise grease application timing and quantities.
  • Rapid adoption in mining, manufacturing, and heavy rail sectors has positioned GreaseBoss as a global contender in digital lubrication management.

Alastair Blenkin – ProcurePro

  • ProcurePro, founded by Alastair Blenkin, 32, is a specialized procurement software for construction head contractors.
  • The platform replaces outdated and disconnected procurement methods, providing an end-to-end solution that reduces inefficiencies, data leakage, and errors.
  • In just two years, ProcurePro has been adopted by over 60 major builders in Australia and New Zealand for 600+ projects worth over $15 billion in total construction value, offering streamlined tendering, risk identification, and profitability improvement.

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