Why chase a tech job in Queensland? For the following five key reasons (at least!). A summary of the Queensland Tech Jobs Opportunity 2023 report by the Tech Council of Australia is below:

  1. The tech sector is a critical pillar of the Queensland economy.
    • Tech is a significant employer in Queensland, with over 140,000 tech workers, exceeding the numbers of Dentists or Bricklayers.
    • The tech industry is projected to employ 185,000 people by 2030, making it three times larger than the Agricultural industry in Queensland.
    • Tech jobs offer high salaries, surpassing even the average salaries in the mining sector, and contribute to increased labor productivity and competitiveness in various industries, supporting the emergence of strategic sectors like Advanced manufacturing, Biomedical technologies, and Space.
  2. Tech is an important source of good, new jobs in the Queensland economy.
    • Tech jobs make up around 4% of all jobs in Queensland, which is half the size of the Construction industry.
    • Tech workers are mainly employed in tech-related companies or professional services, with Public Administration being the second most common sector.
    • In Queensland, the Tertiary Education sector employs a larger number of tech workers compared to other large states like New South Wales and Victoria.
  3. Tech jobs span the state, from SafetyCulture in Townsville to Go1 in Logan.
    • Tech jobs are mostly concentrated in South East Queensland around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Tech workers also live closer to their workplaces with many living in and around the Brisbane CBD and the Gold Coast.
  4. Tech jobs are amongst the fastest growing in Queensland.
    • The fastest-growing areas for tech jobs in Queensland are concentrated around existing tech worker hotspots.
    • North Lakes, a suburb in the Moreton Bay Region, experienced the highest growth rate, with tech workers increasing from over 20 to 600, a 270% increase in the last 10 years.
    • Jimboomba in the City of Logan and Southport in the Gold Coast also saw significant growth rates in tech jobs, despite starting from a lower base. Additionally, Inner Brisbane has added 10,000 new tech jobs in the last decade.
    • Tech job growth in Queensland has experienced four distinct phases over several decades.
    • The first phase, called ‘Stealth mode’ (mid-1980s to mid-1990s), saw tech jobs growing at 1.3 times the rate of all other occupations, following a similar growth trend.
    • The subsequent phases were ‘Uptick’ (1995-2005), during which tech jobs grew slightly faster at 1.6 times the rate of all other occupations, ‘Tearaway’ (2005-2020), with tech jobs growing four times faster than all other occupations, and ‘Going for Gold’ (since the onset of COVID), experiencing a growth rate of five times faster than all other occupations.
  5. Tech jobs represent a significant new opportunity for Queenslanders living in regional and remote areas.
    • Remote working has opened up unprecedented opportunities for Queenslanders residing in regional and remote locations to enter the tech workforce. Tech jobs are known for flexibility, providing a pathway for employees to work remotely in well-paying and stable positions.

Click here for the full original report with graphics.

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