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Source: River Rival winners showcase best in Qld tech

Summary of article:

  • Xiippy, a payment startup platform centred around privacy, won two awards (Best in Product and Best of the Best) at the River Rival pitch session at Something Tech last week.
  • Xiippy encourages retail merchants to introduce paperless receipts and loyalty rewards programs whilst collecting only minimal customer data, in a push towards preserving customer privacy and maintaining an ethical approach to data management.
  • Hamish Sadler, founder of Xiippy, was one of eight startup founders pitching to a panel of judges from AWS, ACS, and Ten13, with moderation by River City Labs.
  • The Best of the Best award was shared between Xiippy and Stripped Supply, a startup providing a subscription box for people with diabetes that automatically sends out much-needed supplies like insulin.
  • The People’s Choise Award went to Snapi, a startup that makes devices to automatically read electricity meters.

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