Queensland-based TalkVia AI is aiming to streamline customer service conversations using artificial intelligence and will upscale customer engagement.

TalkVia has teamed up with a2b Transformation (in Victoria) to address Australia’s job shortage with Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT)-powered digital workers for customer service roles.

The synergy brings the best of TalkVia’s years of experience with language models and a2b Transformation’s solutions that harness automation, AI, and robotics. The partnership has produced an array of digital workers that aim to fill labour gaps for struggling businesses, harnessing the power of GPT.

Practically, this means their digital workers can fill customer service roles online and over the phone, where the shortage of labour continues to cause pain for businesses. The inevitable outcome will be for businesses to embrace the notion of a hybrid workforce, something that executives occasionally mention but seldom understand.

Customers remain frustrated with long queues, excessive waiting times, and lack of complete service from retail assistants. The partnership aims to resolve this, in a way that might even cause tangential adoption of hyper automation.

The opportunity is so large that TalkVia has added AI to its name as part of its rebranding and pivot, and launching a new website.

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