Source: Queensland moves forward with digital licence trial

The Queensland government is launching a trial of digital driver’s licenses, allowing users to store and display their license information on their mobile devices via an app. The trial begins in Townsville and will run for six months, with participants selected from the general public, police, and hospitality sector.

Originally slated for late 2022, the trial was delayed due to a string of widely publicised data breaches and cyber security incidents, including Telstra, Medibank and Optus.

Of particular interest will be the ability to use the new digital licence around the world as the technology is compatible with systems used in the European Union and parts of North America.

The digital licenses will contain the same information as physical licenses, including a photo and signature, and will be secured with biometric authentication technology. The government hopes that the trial will help to improve efficiency, reduce fraud, and provide a more convenient and secure option for license holders.

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