Source: Queensland company Gilmour Space Technologies on track to launch rocket into orbit next year

Summary of article:

  • Gilmour Space Technologies, a Gold Coast space tech startup, has passed the final qualification stage for its rocket to achievre mission duration performance for launching into space.
  • In its latest test, the rocket’s main engine generated a record 115 kilonewtons or 25,850 pounds-force of stable and efficient combustion.
  • A committed team of 10┬ápeople constructed the rocket at their factory on the Gold Coast.
  • Founder Adam Gilmour remained optimistic despite the milestone being reached later than initially planned
  • Gilmour Space aims to launch the rocket into orbit from Bowen in north Queensland in 2023. The rocket will also have a small satellite payload inside of it. It is also intended to send images back to the team on Earth.
  • If successful, the launch will make Australia the 11th nation to successfully send a payload to space on their own domestic launch vehicle.

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