Source article: EV battery breakthrough edges closer

Summary of article:

  • Graphene Manufacturing Group based in Brisbane are chasing an estimated $50 billion global market for batteries as they make great strides with their GAIB technology.
  • Graphene aluminium-ion battery (GAIB) technology offers higher energy density (290-310Wh/kg) compared to lithium-ion.
  • This carbon neutral battery tech can be used and recharged thousands of times, presenting a huge opportunity for Queensland and Australia to become a key global player in battery technology for a wide range of applications including solar power storage, drones and EVs.
  • Performance data was calculated from GMG’s specific coin cell design and testing data, and separately verified by the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at the University Of Queensland (UQ).
  • Graphene aluminium-ion batteries offer “three to five times” the energy density of lithium-ion cells. They are also safer because they cannot catch fire (great for EV) and are not lethal if swallowed. They’re also completely recyclable and do not include any rare earth metals.
  • The technology is based on graphene and aluminium only, and at the end of the battery’s life, the aluminium is recycled, and the graphene reused. The process aims to be nearly entirely emissions-free, with hydrogen as a by-product.

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